Now You Can Laugh Without Leaving Your Home

Hebrew Zoom stand-up service for any occasion

During Corona time we’ve learned many things — what R0 is, how long you have to stay in quarantine, who conducts epidemiological investigations, and that almost everything can be done via Zoom, including Hebrew Zoom stand-up service. The international online video calls company may have been established in 2013, but recently, due to the lockdowns and quarantines we all had to endure, it became particularly popular.

Businessmen and companies began using Zoom for meetings. Schools and universities around the world taught through video calls, cultural institutions and art museums conducted Zoom lectures, and friends and couples used Zoom to interact and communicate with each other during quarantine. Now, it’s time for online stand-up in Hebrew.

Stand-up comedians discovered the wonders of Zoom, and began holding online stand-up performances. Digital became the new way for audiences to enjoy stand-up. Here are a couple of the advantages of a Zoom stand-up show.

סטנדאפ בזום

Stand-up even during lockdowns and quarantines

Corona might be a terrible disease, but it’s also a good source for jokes and provides comedians with ideas. After all, wouldn’t you rather laugh than cry? With variants on the loose, now is just the time to enjoy a Hebrew online stand-up show. Online stand-up can take place during quarantine and lockdowns when theaters have to close their gates. All a comedian needs is a computer with a good internet connection, and they can make us laugh from any place in the world. Moreover, as a Zoom stand-up show prevents crowds, there’s no danger of contracting Covid, or anything else.

Online Stand-up Saves Time

Another point for Zoom performances is that they save us so much time. We don’t have to get ready, get dressed and do our makeup, drive to the venue, waste hours on traffic and parking, not to mention hiring a babysitter. An online show lets you lie down in your pajamas, on your own sofa, watch the show with as much comfort as possible, and save precious time. If that’s not the ultimate in entertainment, we don’t know what is.

Online stand-up for company events

Many companies already realized they have to adjust themselves to the new world Covid brought into our lives. On the one hand, they don’t want to forego social events, which build teams and bolster workers’ motivation, but on the other hand, the physical proximity these events require is very problematic. The solution? Hold an event incorporating a Zoom stand-up performance! This way all workers can enjoy the show – even those in the office, in quarantine, or on sick leave. You can add inside jokes to the show, or spice it up with hilarious impersonations of the boss. The audience can participate in the show and react in real-time, creating an unforgettable interactive show. That’s how you team-build in times of social distancing, through making your workers smile.

Zoom stand-up allows for a large audience

Early on, Zoom only allowed 15 people on any one video call. Later it raised the capacity to 25 participants, and on version 2.5 the limit had already reached 100. Today, it allows business accounts to hold video calls with up to one thousand participants. So you can have a massive performance without needing to rent a theater, haul in lighting and sound equipment, or contract catering.

So if you want to order a Hebrew stand-up show via zoom, we’re only happy to help. We offer on-line Hebrew performances by the best comedians in Israel. You’re welcome to laugh and enjoy without leaving home, all while keeping safe and healthy. Get in touch through this form, and we’ll send you more information on Zoom Hebrew stand-up shows that will knock your socks off.

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